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Technology Aided Montessori

buterfly bee
  • maria montessori

    The Traditional Montessori Way

    All our teachers are Montessori trained

  • book

    In-depth Curriculum

    Own curriculum developed by qualified Montessori Teachers

  • tablets

    Digital Education

    Unique Technology Aided Montessori. Teacher qualified from Univ of London

About Us

We are professional educationists. Our teachers have qualifications from University of London, University of Wisconsin-Dell, USA, Penn Foster University, USA and Indian Montessori Training Center. We are pioneering the concept of Technology Aided Montessori where in we are merging traditional Montessori with latest digital techniques.


Our Benefits

  • Traditional,proven Montessori method

  • Expert teachers

  • 10+ years of running the school

  • Building custom designed for kids

  • Learn and fun - huge softplay

  • Lots of area for each age group

  • Live camera feed

Working Hours

We work from Monday to Friday. We are available on half-day on Saturday for meeting with parents

  • Monday 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Tuesday 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Wednesday 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Thursday 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Friday 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Saturday 10 AM - 1 PM

Contact Us

Our Classes

  • Age group

    3 - 10 years

  • Schedule

    Twice a week

  • Phonics

    Practical training

Spoken English

Structured courses on English Pronunciation, Phonics and Reading from trained teacher using latest audio-visual tools, tablets and apps. Also prepare for spelling bee and public speaking.

  • Age group

    4 - 10 years

  • Abacus

  • Schedule

    Once a week


We provide Abacus for kids for 4 to 10 years. Class is held one day a week for 1.5 hours. For details, please click below.

  • Age group

    4-10 years

  • Art


  • Dance


Art Class and Dance Class

We provide art classes for drawing, pastel shading and painting. We also provide dance classes which includes freestyle dancing and theme based dancing.For details, please connect with us.

  • Age group

    4 - 10 years

  • Schedule

    Twice a week

  • Belt Exam



We provide Karate Coaching from a Black Belt holder for belt exam preparation. Classes are held two days a week 5 pm to 6 pm.
Please click here for details.


Enroll Your Child To A Class

Pl email us if you have any questions. Connect with us to enroll your child to a class.